29 of June, Another Birthday

These days, people often ask me: “What are you intending to do?” , “Where are you heading to?”, “What’s the purpose?”, “Where do you want to be next?” For all these questions, one answer is more than enough: I want … Continue reading

Good Morning!

Not even 8h00 a.m. and my day is already made! I’m feeling GOOD today and I’LL PROGRESS AS A MONSTER IN MY REPORT NYAH! -You wake up and get a notification on Facebook “Arrr! Kate Covington has come a’board on … Continue reading

Alice by Shel Silverstein

I was speaking with Illuper about our past experiences and failures and how some people come by and ask you about them with a big smile. Then I remembered this little poem by Silverstein

Please do, rub my unsuccess on my face with your big smile and your high pitched intonation.

For I can’t help but love food.

Mama Carrie Makes

She drank from a bottle called DRINK ME
And up she grew so tall,
She ate from a plate called TASTE ME
And down she shrank so small.
And so she changed, while other folks
Never tried nothin’ at all.

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