Cleyra Settlement by Erutan

Nothing to make me feel relaxed and ready for another jet lagged night than Kate Covington’s voice and my memories of playing Final Fantasy IX. Although not my favourite one, it’s an excellent game and the favourite of one of my homies. So this makes it worthy of all attention. And Kate seems to have a fondness when it comes to making covers for it 🙂

I can’t wait to be finally able to get her CDs.

29 of June, Another Birthday

These days, people often ask me: “What are you intending to do?” , “Where are you heading to?”, “What’s the purpose?”, “Where do you want to be next?” For all these questions, one answer is more than enough: I want … Continue reading

Good Morning!

Not even 8h00 a.m. and my day is already made! I’m feeling GOOD today and I’LL PROGRESS AS A MONSTER IN MY REPORT NYAH! -You wake up and get a notification on Facebook “Arrr! Kate Covington has come a’board on … Continue reading