Good Morning!

Not even 8h00 a.m. and my day is already made! I’m feeling GOOD today and I’LL PROGRESS AS A MONSTER IN MY REPORT NYAH!

-You wake up and get a notification on Facebook “Arrr! Kate Covington has come a’board on your sail!”

-She actually replies to your message on her wall YEEEEEEEY!

-Which reminds you of that UNFORGETTABLE day when Gérald Dupeyrot, father of Belphégor, added you on Facebook and replied to your message YEEEEEEEY²!

-You wake up to THIS and dance your way through the campus corridors like THAT!

-Your partner is done with the hydraulic diagram and you’re confident about the bolts check


-You know a JCVD marathon awaits you as soon as you’re done with the report.

-You know your Chrono Trigger party and your FF VII Cosmos Canyon -I’m in the mood of some Cosmos Canyon- savepoint await as well!

-You’re in Illuper’s Mihrab once again, with Illuper once again, cheering each other once again, working on projects once again and working for the future perspectives as well once again. You feel cheerful, calm. You can’t wait for the tea with mint you guys share for breakfast. You’re both working on the beds while listening to Nightwish and Linkin Park. You’re doing good and you’ll do WONDERFUL for the rest of the day! It’s just the way the cookie crumbles!

Today is going to be AMAZING ^^


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