Get A Hold of Yourself

Nostromo is a Genius

Last year in this period of time, I was coping with an overwhelming burden of school projects, extra-scholar activities, crappy exams, students issues and lack of relaxing moments. In addition to that, it was a tough time for so many of my friends as well: Leïchoune, Asmae, Illuper, Kikiya, Yawn,..etc. It worsened my mood to not be efficiently there for them and to not give it my all to help them. May all my intentions be with them for the rest of their lives and may I never ever be this careless with my time and efforts to such extent I fail to make valuable time for my friends.

This year, my friends are groing through some crap again and this time, I’m trying to be there for them no matter what. I think it paid off? I wonder if it did and I wonder if it attoned for my previous fails but I don’t regret it a bit. Meanwhile, I’m facing myself an overwhelming quantity of work. My bad. I should have known better. The work is all mine and I shall do it all even if someone offers to help. I just have to do it all and if someone offers to help, I should let him help and if he succeeds, I’ll just pick up what is best and move on. It’s time consuming but at least, you don’t get behind your schedule in this alarming way.

Last year at such time, I was blasting Get a Hold of Yourself and dancing like the mad mad hatter I am in my room. This year, I’m listening to it, shaking my head, screaming like a barbarian and tossing my fist to the toilet’s wall. I also play with the kittens we sheltered Illu’ and I in her Mihrab.

I just sincerely hope I won’t have to stay up late or do the PPT of the presentation, or worse. Do it in the very day of the Presentation.

Tatatatatatataraaaaaaa, get a hold of yourself……Tatatatataraaaaa


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