Cubbon Park

I told you that the Vidhana Soudha and the High Court of Karnataka are located within a luscious green space. Well, it turned out Cubbon Park starts way before its official gates. It surrounds the administrative buildings and holds several places for parking. You have to walk for a good 20 minutes before reaching the gates of its inner part, the amusement park.

The entrance fee was 10 INR per person. Once we were there, it looked more like a disciplined land of nature where several attractions are provided for children. Local spots for pic-nic, whirligigs and food are spread throughout the park. It was more like an amusement park than a green one. But compared to the green I was used to in Morocco, it definitely looked rich and gorgeous.

I got to try the boating tour and the train tour for 15 INR each. The boating takes you around a big artificial island completely filled with old high bamboos. Two tours of merely 10 minutes and then you’re done. Not impressive on a first impression but, when the boat driver was making his boat go from right to left like a cradle, it felt I could go on like this forever. And when the sounds of the bamboos slowly and heavily clinging to each other were more distinct than the sounds of waters, some old memories about some dream I had came back to the surface.

It’s odd how Bangalore reminds me of old burried memories and my childhood in some peculiar details.

Some people tried to speak with me and were asking me for pictures but my cab driver quickly declined their offers and spoke with them. Honestly, I wouldn’t have minded specially that I’ll get to take pictures with women dressed in colourful saris. My eyes can’t get enough of them but I don’t take any pictures since I believe I need their permission first. It’s quite hard though, to ask for permission when you’re in a taxi, or when you know these senior women don’t speak any English. Next time I’ll try better, I promise.

For more of my sloppy pictures, check here, and for more info, this link!



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