An entity of the mind and the body made out of carbone, stars’ minerals, water, whirling parts of identities in the shape of a great deal of puzzle pieces, color pencils, garbagemen, watermelons, tea, notebooks, mechanics, food, people and soil.

Breakfast is that favorite meal of mine that I try to have several times a day, but most coffee shops stop serving it past 11h00 a.m.

Morning is that favorite part of the day of mine and I love performing the most within these slippery hours.

Dawn is that favorite moment of the day of mine and whenever I witness it, it’s cold, it’s solitary and there’s watering in my eye from the overjoy of witnessing such beauty, such nobility, such grace and peacefulness that fades within the sky in no time yet leaves me scared everytime like it’s the first time.

So if by any mean, we get to share a breakfast after witnessing dawn, you whoever you are, well…

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I wish to witness many dawns
    through your watery eyes,
    and for the first time ever
    over and over again
    awake to a new day
    as never before
    and maybe break forever
    the long fast of Love

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