Sunday Out

Everyone – LITERALLY, EVERYONE – has been advising me to: 1-Not go out alone. 2-Not go out unless it’s a group of at least three people. 3-Come back before dark. 4- Avoid any financial transaction if there’s not a local … Continue reading

Final Fantasy VII PC Rerelease

From THE FINAL FANTASY VII CITADEL: 07/04/2012: “Final Fantasy VII PC Download Release Confirmed” Well, it’s official: the PC port of FFVII will be rereleased as a downloadable game. According to the official site, there is no set release date … Continue reading

Good Morning!

Not even 8h00 a.m. and my day is already made! I’m feeling GOOD today and I’LL PROGRESS AS A MONSTER IN MY REPORT NYAH! -You wake up and get a notification on Facebook “Arrr! Kate Covington has come a’board on … Continue reading

Flowers Blooming In The Church

There’s a certain wisdom in the reason why I didn’t have something to play music on except computers or laptops during all these years. For now that I’m able to plug the earphones of my Nokia XpressMusic in my ears … Continue reading