Not Okay. Incredible.

Enjoying my own company is like eating fruits: I used to do that in random times of the day and now, I do that most of the day.

It’s such a “peacening” process that I think maybe there’s an even more peaceful state than that, deeper an deeper. I think I even know what it is and it’ll never be neither too soon nor too late for it. I just know it’ll come in perfect time and it’ll be one of the best days of my life.

Meanwhile, I’m reading and taking care of myself: with these five years of scholar struggle, dormitory’s life and social whirlpool, I didn’t manage my time efficiently enough to give my body a “me” time. This is what I’m doing now in India. I’ve graduated with my Bachelor degree, I have steady assignments in my internship. My boss is a wise man taking it slowly and surely with me. My social life is leaving space to more personal life and my health is my current obsession.

So to all my friends, I’m feeling poise and I’m starting to clean my body.

I’m doing more than okay. I’m doing incredible.