A nest, books and Pigeons’ Square

We left Leïchoune’s room early at the campus. We bid good-bye for she had to head to her internship and I had to take the train. But instead of that, I took my scholarship’s money and blew it at Calliope. I also bought –FINALLY- a new phone, one that could take at least pictures and blast some music while bearing my rough ways.

At Sahat Lhmam -the pigeons square- , a famous square in Casablanca, I fed pigeons while waiting for a meeting with some old friend that was rather disappointing and parted to Tangier with a heavy bag of books.

Tangier will be far more interesting with such paper treasures and the nest that L. brought with her from Casablanca. There was a time when I used to find so many of them that I started a collection. That was five years ago. Ever since, it’s only at Leïchoune’s school that I still find empty nests that have fallen down and sometimes, when we’re lucky –like L. in this case, we can even find the rests of an egg within it.


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