Flowers Blooming In The Church

There’s a certain wisdom in the reason why I didn’t have something to play music on except computers or laptops during all these years. For now that I’m able to plug the earphones of my Nokia XpressMusic in my ears … Continue reading

– Samurai 7 Arabic Ending – ساموراي7

كان حلماً منيراً مشرقاً كالنهار
ليته ظل حلماً يا زماني
كنت أغدو كبيراً شامخاً كالمنار
باسماً من دون لا يعادي
أين شردوا الأماني
وفجروا دمع الحنان
ظلمهم قد اصطاد الأماني
أزهري يا ذكرياتي
وانفضي عنكِ سباتي
واستحمي بالنور السامي
…. مابي ….
لا أنسى لحناً شجياً رنان
…. ما بي ….
لا أخرج من ظلمة نفق الأحزان
سوف يحيى هذا الحلم طول الزمان
قبل بعينيّ طول الزمان.

This is an Anime that I watched just because of the ending song. But come to think about it, I’ve always loved the Arabic cartoon songs sung by Racha Rizk: both lyrics, meaning and voice are bewitching.

One day in Casablanca

What an incredible day ! I took the train with my homies yesterday for Casablanca and spent the night with Leïchoune. Today, I’m back at my engineering school and I’m overwhelmed with joy to see many friendly faces ! Filming went incredibly … Continue reading

Que vois-je?

When I roam in  the seas of all my memories, I always feel surprised, like Jack discovering The Christmas village. « Que vois-je ? Que vois-je » is often the line in my head., for so many words and actions that may not have struck me by then seem amazing to me now. No wonder I keep on reading books over and over again!

Memories are infinitely unfolding in my mind, like mechanics.

Work and Memories

Leïchoune and Ti-Mi-Nou are finally here! With ME! In Tangier!

Today, we’re at Riff working on Final Year Internships’ reports. I dive in the civil engineering’s quality criteria which , along with sewage piping, are the main subject of Leïchoune’s internship.

While focusing on notions used to describe the process and procedures (I feel I’ll be hearing these two words a lot during L.’s presentation 8B), my mind often wanders on mechanics, all the beauty of my queen of sciences. She’s everywhere, in quality diagrams and concrete pipes’ flaws, and employees’ 15 min security feedback and in the means of setting up the quality management system while gathering up data about the old one and making comparisons and so.

She’s truly the queen of all sciences. She’s everywhere and she’s the queen of my mind as long as I’ll have one, no matter how ignorant and stupid and foolish it is. And with mechanics as an inspiration and a distinct perspective in all I do and see, there’s Ti-Mi-Nou napping near Leïchoune, there’s Leïchoune browsing up through documents and there’s me browsing up as well and thinking of buying the whole green library’s children books. The arabic collection of fairytales has been one of the main providers, along with grannies and moms, of fairytales in Arabic. Western or Eastern legends for instance.

This morning is smoothly going. While we’re working and typing and processing XD, Leïchoune –that gravity center of affections (Amine M. © 8B) – runs our preparatory classes playlists. You can trust her for the pictures or the music of any period we’ve been through. And so suddenly, we’re reminiscing musically speaking over the prep’ school, and all the inspiration that comes from this old riad house where maths and physics were enhancely tossed in the minds.

Copacabana, promises of a tagine cooked by chief Ti-Mi-Nou, Le Festin by Camille, Emilie Simon’s awesome OST for La Marche de l’Empereur, Leïchoune and myself recalling Les Choristes and wishing to watch it again, To the Dancers in the Rain, On the Road Again by Bernard Lavilliers, paragraphs from Les Fourmis by Bernard Werber, Mad World by Gary Jules, Stay Together for the kids by Blink 182, This is Freedom by Estelle, Shéhérazade by rimsky-korsakov, Nekotopia by Asuka Fujimori and the friends, the friends, the friends, the friends of Prep School and our memories with some kind people, some affectionate ones, some funny ones and salty ones.

Friends, Friends, Friends and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.