Happy Independance Day, India :)

Today, India is celebrating its 65th year of independance! A fact that would surprise me and one of the main reasons why I’m here today.

To think that the people didn’t gain the power on their land until less than70 years ago and yet achieved such an economical growth and sprouting education ad industry! Thinking about, I feel the same mesmerizment and wonder as the one most feel when they see the peaceful path Gandhi and Indians chose to fight against the invaders.

A 8h30, the flag was raised in the housing complex. I wanted to witness it and to see the children that were singing the national anthym of India. But I was still in bed recovering from a rather long souhour – I stayed up after 5h00 a.m. and couldn’t find my way back to sleep until the sunrise-. Too bad but I managed to get out and to see the celebrations everywhere. Damn! Even rickshaws and motorcycles have the Indian flag proudly dancing. Talk about dedication!

I went to have a tour around the place where I’m living and ended up near the library that I’ve seen before. Without thinking twice, I just got registered and browsed up for some recommendations I got from my agreeble Indian entourage!

This library chain, although small, is full of wonders from several countries. There are eight more scattered around in Bangalore and my card can work in any of them. I signed up for 2books+ 1mag at time package: it means I can take in once, two books and one magazine. I can give them and exchange whenever I want provided the fact that I don’t go over one month with the same book.

What I liked about the Just Books library system is that I can actually check for available books in the other libraries and request them. According to the intendant there, if the books I’m looking for are available and I’ve requested them, it takes between one and four days to have them there. I’ll be notified by mail and sms once they’re there or I can even go and pick them where they’re available with my card. I can also return the books at another library :)! FANTASTIC!

The one pitiful thing is the size of the library: even with little sits, a library is just not the same with a table to write on and several more chairs around to share silence with people. It’s too small but the content makes up for everything. Plus, it stays open ’til 21h00 pm and it’s nearby! I know where I’ll spend most of my evenings now, thank you!


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