First Day at Work

It’s such a pity I can’t speak about the company or take pictures there, because you’ll be absolutely amazed by this tradition I witnessed in the gardens of the offices.

Everytime a VIP or a customer comes to the company, he/she is asked to plant a tree within the garden. Now,once you come into the company, you see a bunch of trees with little signs telling the name of the customer, the company he/she belongs to and the day of the planting. According to one of the head managers of the company, this tradition is intended to value the relationship between the customer and the company by giving it the form of a tree to nurture and care for. Also, it’s an eco-friendly action that promotes green in the same time within industrial aeras. Finally, the head told me that sometimes, they get nice surprise visits from their customers who want to see “their trees”.

This wasn’t the first discovery I made while on my first day of work but it’s the one that left me the strongest impression. I got to experience Indian food for the first time, in breakfast and lunch. And just as I was whishing, I got to share my first meal with my warm dear friend Christopher. We ate Palaw – I really need to learn the habit of taking pictures- which iscooked rice with vegetables and coconut sauce and we drank tea with milk. For that first day, Christopher was with me, introducing the work of Edulab and ICA to the company and making the way for me to speak and to feel at ease within this new place.

When he later went away,I had the honour to talk with some of the heads of the engineering departments. Chatter took so much time I wasn’t aware lunch time came. For they not only asked me about my resume and myself, but also about my family. They also spoke about their own families, their professional careers and gave valuable advice to the impressed intern that I was.

Be sincere in what you do. Just do it honestly and you’ll see, everything will come.

You never get to experience the culture and the job in the same time. In fact, the opportunities for such exposure are quite rare. So, make the most ouf of your internship: you have your assignments as an intern. Do them and enjoy Bangalore’s true lifestyle and go out and blend with people and talk and share deeply.

If you need anything, and I mean ANYTHING, you call or tell me or tell X or tell Y. Don’t you forget it, ANYTHING you need! You tell me and if I’m not here tell X or tell Y and they’ll be happy to help. If you need ANYTHING, right?

After the spicy lunch – I promise, I promise, I’ll be taking pictures before Ramadan comes-, I got down to business. And it was widely impressive: the work performed by the company is so huge I started to feel small. But thanks to my tutor, I was more inspired than scared of the work I’m given. Seeing these people work and listening to their technical conversations – even when it’s not in full English- reminded me of my previous internship. Here’s another challenging one and I shall be prepared.

I’m aware that between the strong English accent and the way work is performed here, it might feel overwhelming. But I’m determined to learn the most during my internship and to honour those who have put their confidence in me.