My Thursday in Shots

That Moment where you’re torn between catching up on Miguel to prevent him from wasting money on Game of Thrones books, and avoiding to go there because you know you’ll totally ruin yourself!

Sorry! Idli was calling so bad I didn’t get time to calm my voracious self before taking a picture of my favourite dish :p

Masala Dosa, or Moroccan Baghrir filled with dressing and cooked potatoes 😀

Tomato soup, people! I saw it on the menu and remembered the Zooey Deschanel commercial for the iPhoone 4S*. It tasted funny and according to Miguel, it’s the kind of Chinese sauce that you add to rice! Well, I didn’t finish my bowl but I can’t be sure I won’t give it another try ^_^

*The actual commercial

I’m getting a bit more comfortable wandering around Yelahanka New Town thanks to Miguel: he’s been already here and has spotted good places and streets. So I can follow on his steps without freaking out anybody.


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