Sunday Out


Everyone – LITERALLY, EVERYONE – has been advising me to: 1-Not go out alone. 2-Not go out unless it’s a group of at least three people. 3-Come back before dark. 4- Avoid any financial transaction if there’s not a local … Continue reading



I FINALLY got to visit this bewitching place again. And more than that, I came back with the strong conviction that I need to come back once more for a whole day there. I’ll pic-nic, discover every corner and enjoy … Continue reading

Breaking Bangalore: A First Glimpse

I knew coming dressed in blue will suit the general mood. This city is just as colourful as I like ti to be!

I can tell I can smell flowers, then cooking, then unknown spices, then flowers, then coconut oil cooking, then tanduri chicken, then known spices,  then balsam hair oil, then flowers, then eucalyptus leaves then I’m in front of the gate … Continue reading