Sunday Out

Everyone – LITERALLY, EVERYONE – has been advising me to:

1-Not go out alone.

2-Not go out unless it’s a group of at least three people.

3-Come back before dark.

4- Avoid any financial transaction if there’s not a local with me.

My friends from overseas were quite suspicious: is it that dangerous?

No, it’s not dangerous. It’s all about the scams: autorickshaws, vendors, people in the street…etc etc Bangalore’s people are very homogeneous. A foreigner not only stands out easily but is a quite uncommon thing. And since it means you’re a walking dollar provider, people try to get a piece of it, specially when they know they may get from you in one deal what they earn in one week.

This being said, I was still not giving up on going out, would it be by myself. People advise me to “sleep” on my Sunday and to come back home at 18h00!
No way! I mean, not for every freaking Sunday and for the whole day. I’m not the kind of person to sleep at all. In fact, today I was wide awake starting from 6h00, and spent two blessed hours in Don Corneo’s Area and The Shinra HQ before texting an acquaintance about directions! If I could even follow the Everyman method and just squeeze the useful sleep within two hours, I’ll feel my life is purrrr-fect!

So Akmal, that protective new brother of mine, has been arguing with me over the phone about going out for a good deal of time before finally reaching a certain compromise: I shall take a cab he’d have booked for me and the taxi driver will take me wherever I want to. For 1000 INR and 8 hours within the range of 80 km, you avoid scams, public transportation and the risk of losing your way.

My Sunday turned out to be an AWESOME adventure, driving from a place to place and going around as much as I wanted. Even the cab driver joined me to make sure I wouldn’t lose my path or get assaulted by offers, and he seemed to have fun on his own as well. Too bad I didn’t get to call Mr. Eshwara: at least, we could have managed to talk and not just wander silently.

I’ve added the following galleries to my PICASA Albums:

Vidhana Soudha Behind the Bars

Karnataka High Court and Surroundings


Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens

Articles up now:

Vidhana Soudha Behind the Bars

Karnataka High Court

Cubbon Park

Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens


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