Once again, jews aren’t sionists, sionists aren’t jews. Religious beliefs of any historical possession, a painful past of eradication or the eagerness to reunite once for all in a one land with a crowd that hardly shares one parcel of identity will never be a reason to try to wipe out a whole population and to take over their lands.
Illu’ couldn’t have expressed better the ambiguity that’s been hovering more and more over the “Peace” word. But I find it normal, and within the coming days -even now yeah!- more and more things will become ambiguous. I’m predicting a chaos of ambiguity: good not knowing what good is and evil not knowing where its borders start or end.
It’ll be a giant meltdown and I’m already looking forward to enjoy every bit of it.



I believe in relativity. In fact, I always try to be as respectful as I could to other’s point of view. I know you, friend or unknown, do it, because you’re reading this post by now. But I’m not sure about what’s relativity to you. People believing in truth may see a subject as the sum of different points of view the same as with the elephant of Plato, when some blind people gathered around it and begun touching trying to identify it. Each one describes the part that had been touched and claims that’s the whole thing. Hehe, I’m not talking philosophy. The ELEPHANT now is ridiculously PEACE. Don’t blame my naïveté. I always thought that peace as a word has incontrovertible meaning. No killed people, no frightened children. In my mind there was no room for relativity concerning the word PEACE. Moreover, the word isn’t…

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