Illuper’s Mihrab

I spent the week-end in another haven of mine: in Illu’s room. In her solitary silent space in the end of the walkway of the campus, I feel like we’re in  a “محراب” -sanctuary-. And we are indeed: in this room, with this girl and her laptop always in front of her, there’s the passion of science, the holy quest of knowledge and the never-boring-everlasting discussions about the human nature and ourselves. We never get bored, never run out of discussions to have and things to share and never get tired of each other when one of us is taken away by her passionate speech.

By night, we listened to Sleeping Sun by Nightwish, a band cherished by Illu’ and that I liked. On the loop, the song’s lyrics remind us of some day and some soft wishes. Memories.

We shared movies, we shared little stories, we shared food and we shared laughters.

We went to Lissasfa on the sunny Sunday to share a breakfast and to shop. Shopping for fruits is one common hobby. And within the stalls of the rural markets of fruits, there’s this habit of putting one table full of rotten pieces for honeybees.

Shopping for local bio medicine is a hobby of us as well. Oh! And drinking tankards of natural fruit juice that don’t even cost more than 14 MAD while getting extatic over the Moroccan concept of “mahlaba”.

I’ll be soon heading back to Tangier with clay, almond oil and colourful laces and the wish that this week will go fast, that I’ll get to come back to my school for good and that I’ll be done with most work to enjoy even more the friendship of some dear creatures.


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