Moroccan Food Po*n

What happens when people ask you often about Mowowow’s food and cultural peculiarities?

Well, you start building a database of pictures and to get things you know checked and understood deeper. I think this is the thing Rollins talked about when he said “Come back and you’ll see you country differently”. For now, I see deeper and farther within such matters.

I realize now how Moroccan food, authentic Moroccan food, can be so tasty and healthy! How it is spicy as well and gentle, full of goodness of things that grow mostly, and walk casually. I spent a drooling time browsing up for Moroccan food pictures and I feel the urge to share it with the world, not only with my random Indian pals who want to “see” Moroccan food and wonder if it’s vegan or not. It’s funny between how my pals picture Moroccan food:

-No vegetables and even less fruits.

-Only MEAT.

-Actually only kebabs and barbecue meat.

-And COW meat for most! Holy Pooja!

-And rice to go with!

-And junk food, fast food, processed food, packaged food…Anything that is food but your great grandmother won’t recognize as food!

Well brace yourselves guys. This is a little glimpse fo actual Moroccan food!

Moroccan “green” tea with Moroccan sweets.
Credits to Moroccan Passion ❤

More Moroccan Sweets, full of seeds’ goodness and natural local ingredients sweetness.
Credits to Agharass


Dates with Milk: lovely tradition that is to welcome travellers with such goodness.
Credits to Moroccan Passion ❤

Tagine with Moroccan Tea to go with ow..
Credits to Moroccan Passion ❤

Obvious Moroccan Goodness in All Colors and Health Benefits

Snails brewed with herbs: The One Peculiar Moroccan Goodness I Marvel my Indian Pals With

And no, authentic Moroccan meal eating involves hands. And yes, all in the same plate.


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