Comings And Goings

The weeks go by with their comings and goings.


During the Onema festival, my host and his wife and daughter made this portrait out of roses petals. It’s a quiet time where everyone helps to make the drawing just as the little girl wished.

Onema festival and Ganesha festival are past, yet I often recall the comings and goings that these celebrations brought to me : the people that generously invited me to share the cosy warmth of family gatherings, the tasty food, the colors of the seasons and the spontaneous dances in honor of all the happiness bestowed upon one by the spiritual ecstasy. I’ve been told that maybe I read too much because I’m homesick. I know now for sure it isn’t the case : I’m home here as well, and the care I’ve been given, would it be by my fellow colleagues, my tutor, families of my acquaintances or bosses, or by random strangers is just as honest and real as the one you get within the family.

It’s an agreeble and strange feeling. While browsing into library’s books, I came towards it expressed in a simple way.

Every home has its own stories. Some carry the world with them. Some bring the world into their home. Some make the world their home.

And while some acquaintances ask me about my headscarf, thinking it’s a style and that it starts to get dull so I should just take it off, others urge me to dress up in black and wear dresses rather than pants. Some still don’t understand the link between my being a muslim and my wearing a headscarf. Yet in all that, their opinions and words are light and innocent, no hidden intention or prejudice is felt within their questions or opinions. Bless Indians ! So I go and come speaking about Mowowow -affectionally Morocco-, which most people don’t seem to know about , and I speak about Islam lightly and briefly. Which reminds me that some of my friends are getting angry and very talkative over the current issues in which Islam is involved. Some posters supporting Israel, some movie making fun of the Prophet (saw), some people claiming their right to make fun of Islam just like any other religion..etc etc. And in what time ? A time where Islam is already under fire and « muslimrage » has become «a trendy » concept.

People expect me therefore to get the MuslimRage, to do something to defend the religion I follow. As usual however, I’m quite a disappointment when it comes to answering people’s personal expectations on my personal parts. I’ll just state one verdict : Islam has been around for over 14 centuries and it has muddled through much trouble. It is still muddling through more and I don’t see muslims’ number dwindling. In fact, I hear it increases. A good idea will always muddle through times and reach out to people.

I believe I can help it by being as a better version of myself as I can, by reflecting with my actions what Muslim folks can be like. I don’t believe I’ll have to go berserk and rage on against humans. Still, friends tell me these are tough times, tough times for muslims. Well,  I’ve heard these are tough times for Arabs too, for brown people as well, for minorities in general, for African-Americans, for gays, for single 30-40 years-old women, for girls suffering from lack of self-esteem, for people wanting to wear the bindi yet have nothing to do with Hindu religion, for Hindu people who don’t want to see the bindis on some culture appropriation people, for job seekers, for dreamers, for hardworkers, for students, for politicians, for animals, for crops, for the Earth.

Life is full of goings and comings. Bilbo is right. As he was right to notice that the path from his doorstep could lead to Rivendell and to Mordor, to the Misty Mountains and the party tree, to tough and good times. You get to choose. To choose everything, from the path to how you will perceive it.

What an adventure.


2 thoughts on “Comings And Goings

  1. Après 2 semaines!! Tu postes cet article !!! NARIIIIIIIIII 3LA articlllllllllllllleeeee !!
    Ca m’a réchauffé le cœur, ca m’a calmé, rempli de joie et surtout de tranquillité.
    Thank you for this feelings 3la sba77 ❤

    • OOOOOOOW ❤

      A weddi :3, makhelitili man9oul: wa choufi daba fou9ach 3awtani nl9a man posté XD

      W dik thank you chnou kadir temma ze3ma? lkhnouna fnif l3roussa XD?

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