Bangalore is alterning warm weather and slightly warmer one. Today, there was a sudden rainfall in the evening and the city came out of it with wet streets and bright sun. No wonder it is so green and clean in here.

A good sudden strong rain to wash away the filth and then a cheerful sun to bring out the best of it and to give life and hope in shiny colors to everything.

So when a good sudden strong rain comes on you, face it bravely. Don’t run into hiding, don’t try to play tough and ignore it, don’t fall in your place and lose yourself in the wetness, don’t start thinking it won’t stop…. Just stare at the sky, carry on walking, appreciate every knocking drop and let the rain ease you out of everything mortal.

Only then will you appreciate the coming bright sun, its warmth, the radiance it gives to the colors, its sole presence. And then, you’ll give away your skin to dry marvelously and you’ll unfold like a phoenix.

Maybe next time, you’ll be more eager for the rain and will face it with a smile and don’t count it as a sorrow of life or something that should cease to stumble upon you. Maybe next time, you won’t look at it like someone eager for drama or someone annoyed by the thought of being wet.

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