How To Be An Arab

Subee is always a delight to follow, one of my favorite Youtubers in short.

And with this new video, I finally can understand some patterns that Indians find delirious.

  • Talking too loud (“Guys, it’s really my normal voice! I’m not shouting!>_<“).
  • Exaggerating (“I’m merely using metaphors to make myself understood. Because dude, sometimes, I feel like you’re a tibetan monk and I’m a mayan astrologer and we’re debating on alternative communism”).
  • Drinking tea, way too much tea, tea, tea and tea (“Yes, I’m anemic but it’s not because of tea. And no, I think I’m more of a Cheshire Cat but people tend to associate me with the mad hatter stereotype”).

Needless to say, not every Arab is like that. I can’t even go and say: “most of them…”. But Subee captures a witty stereotype of Arabs and I believe a lot of people will see themselves in several aspects.

Meanwhile in India, the only thing I’m asked about as an “Arab” is bellydancing: people assume I know it, I’m good at it and I have a playlist of bellydancing music, Egyptian music and so and so.

Boy how depressed they look when I tell them I’m as close to being a Shakira as an apple is close to be an atomic explosion spawned by the interaction of a magnetic shield and lasgun laser on a 500°c desert: nanophysically, there’s a chance but you’ll need a heck of equipment only sci-fi freaky scientists can invent to have it 8B.

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