Getting Detoxified

Since the beginning of 2012, I started following a one-week detox program in order to put some order within my internal functions. It was tough during the first months, not only because of the strict food intake, but also because of the stress of looking for internships abroad while handling scholar projects and taking care of exams and social life. Therefore, many of the results didn’t show up on me.

I had to try several times before per-fec-tly achieving a one-week detox in March/April. I was still under pressure and dealing with even more stressful issues but I muddled through and achieved it. Since then, I did it once per month and ditched it since June. Now, starting from the first day of September, I’ll be sticking to it once again and hopefully, I wouldn’t have lost the touch.

To briefly describe  the detox program, it’s a kind of fast and kind of eating routine ; I’d hate to use the term « diet » since it’s a lifestyle choice of one week per month that aims to cleanse you body and not to make you thinner-. For seven days, you closely follow certain eating habits and schedule and you keep up with some exercising that helps the body flush away even better and get energized.

The reasons behind such a healthy habits are several:

-Healthier bowel movement: and if you sir/madam are still not acquainted with how huge of a role our colon and intestines play in our health, then I suggest you start learning about it.

-No more smelly farts.

-Balanced sleep.

-No more dark circles therefore.

-Optimal energy and light body: you’re not dragging yourself throughout the day.

-Healthier and lighter stomach.

-More balanced intake of food regarding quantity and quality.

-Decrease of cellulite, skin problems, indigestions and bad eating habits.

-More spiritual balance and inner poise.



Day 1 & 2 :

You only drink water. ONLY WATER. And to make it perfect, mineral or purified water. Since I don’t have the proper containers to make my purified water, I’d go with the mineral water. Water from the faucet is filled with chlorine and other chemicals products which won’t ruin the detox but won’t make it as much complete as with mineral water.

Some may think it’s really hard to keep it for a day, or even two. I suggest, green tea with honey –if you really need to sweeten it- or even brown sugar. You can also go for only one day like this and start such day after breakfast. In short, you may come up with a less strict program that could help you kick off the detox then gradually come nerer to the optimal one.

At first, I’d feel dizziness and the urge to throw up after 1 day and 9 hours of the water fast and I’d end up having a huge breakfast. If you can’t go on, then drink fruit juice or tea and try to stay with liquids. Don’t ruin it completely with strong solid food.

As for myself, I usually drink warm water with lemon after getting up. Then I would carry on drinking mineral water and green tea made of mineral water unsweetened throughout the day. A thing about green tea is that you don’t brew the leaves in boiling water – Mowowow (Morocco dala3 name :3) style-. You’d rather boil the water, pour it in a glass or a bottle, add green tea leaves and then let them give out their benefits for 2 or 3 minutes. This is a green tea that looks green indeed. Not the Roccie -Moroccan for those who wouldn’t know- that gives away the red color. Between, I always wondered during my whole life of mad hatter why this red tea was called green tea. It’s only after trying the brewing for 2-3 min that I realized the reason.

Days 3,4 & 5 :

Fruit juice days ! I could live like this forever if you ask me. But it’s for three days in the detox program. You’re allowed to mix and drink any kind of fruits provided the fact you don’t use milk to mix them or sugar to sweeten them, at least not refined sugar. I use either fresh orange juice, water lemon or mineral water to mix them. I also happen to use sometimes bottled orange juice although if you can avoid this, it’s better. I wonder if I’ll be able to avoid it though.

So here you go : drink as much fruit juice as you want and keep up being hydrated with mineral water, green tea if you like the drink as much as the mad hatter me does and the warm water and lemon in the morning 30min before any intake.

Days 6&7 :

It’s when you slowly come up from the detox. It’s incredibly important that you don’t snap out of it but rather smoothly come back to normal. But even these days are considered detox days as well. You’ll eat vegetables, solid and mixed, but only the ones that grow out of the soil. This means no potatoes, radish or any roots. Instead, green leaves should be your first choice. Coupled with fruit juice, mineral water, warm water with lemon and green tea, it’s like christmas for your body.

Exercice program :

I wonder for those who practice agressive muscle exercices or sports, but I don’t think such a food habit could provide the required strength or at least the required protein amount for the day.

In fact, during my first trials, just with my going around the campus and for classes, I’d feel tired. And I couldn’t go through a full hour of Ashtanga practice. Still, deprivation from yoga stresses me out and the art fills me with energy.

So instead of regular practice, during the detox program, I’d perform 15 minutes of sun salutations in the morning and some stretching exercices in the afternoon. The sun salutations energize and refresh most of the intern organs and the stretching provides relaxation to the muscles and get them smart in energy consumption while on the detox.

Final thing :

Detox isn’t a diet. Therefore, « binging » isn’t something you should come accross it. Choose carefully when to perform your detox and even if you feel the need to give up or eat something, take fruits or veggies or even something healthy then take a 20 min walk. Detox means your bowels and body will get some rest and start cleaning in the inside. If you let your body start cleaning and then send to it a bunch of crap, the results won’t show up and actually you may get even negative feedback.

So be sure about your will to go on a detox and take good care of yourself during the program.

Keep yourself busy.

Don’t think about food.

If you’re the kind to get tempted, avoid temptation.

If there’s nothing to take your mind of thinking about food, try sleeping –I know someone who did good with that 8B: kiki-on –

But don’t get off track ! And certainly not in a wide way !

I observed that once I was done with the detox, my bowels were performing incredibly well. No smelly gas, no irregular poop schedule and certainly no oversize or undersized appetite. My taste for healthy food grew as stronger as that of other people for hamburgers. My sleep got extremely better. My awakening was a smooth energetic one and I could jump easily during my days, my eyes no longer swollen or sullen and nor are the dark circles. And for the exhaustion ! No feeling of that constant exhaustion that ends up stuck to you and considered as normal.

For someone who hasn’t been through a one week detox for two months, I’m very optimistic. Partly because I’m just through with Ramadan, which is by-the-by a great detoxifying month if you eat after fast the right food- and because my second day of water will be a Sunday. Thus, I’ll get to relax at home and not sweat out bu work’s activity or the habit of sharing meal time with Archana even when I’m fasting.

I’ll be posting about this experience, following the example of one of my inspirational people in health and yoga related fields, Amy Landry. Hopefully, it’ll benefit to someone to do it, start it or even think about it or share it.

I’d welcome your thoughts and questions about this subject.


Since I’m going through a new phase with my body, I avoided starting the detox program. I’ll let you know however as soon as I’ll start it and of course, I’ll keep you updated with how it goes. Be healthy and fit everyone !


One thought on “Getting Detoxified

  1. Well writen duda. I’ve been with you many times with your diet and I can say it’s perfectly perfect: you reap the harvest in a short while and …’re ready to shoot the stars with the inner peace provided by this detoxifing diet. I really miss that glssa with juice. 🙂

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