Pieces of Wisdom from Random Indians

Being surrouneded by Indians and foreigners, I get to appreciate even more the Indian ways of thinking  about life and living through the days. I listen to the conversations and I gather jewels of wisdom from simple and beautiful souls that neither look to isolate themselves from others nor put boundaries about trivial childish things. People who live intensly everyday and aren’t afraid to give their energy and efforts to others selflessly.

-“It’s broken? Throw it away! Buy something new that’s all!”

-“Let me see. We can fix it. It’s either with fire, or some strong glue. It won’t look very very pretty but it’ll still work and you’ll be able to use it.”

-“Look! They’re even collecting papers and garbage! Paper I understand but fruits leftovers and vegetables leaves disposed off? What a life..”

-“Many people make a living from what they gather from trash. Either plastic or paper are good, and organic trash is very useful for soil nurishment and animals. Plus, rich people throw unbelievable things away. Pretty beautiful things, useful things…”

-“You have to change! Change in order to survive.”

-“No one knows when and how the past will end, and many of us have memories of the future. Therefore, we should make peace with what we have been through, and make most use of it, and carry on with our lives, making the best out of the least and shaping our lives in a way we live satisfied and in peace with our principles. Change comes on everything. The leaves change colors and the trees change robes. But a tree is a tree and a fish is a fish. And a tree eager to turn its green leaves into brown ones before time just for the sake of having red leaves among other trees is either unhealthy or not trusting the universe.”

-“I don’t care…We’re adults.”

-“Each one of us is but another extension or perspective of someone else. Not caring for each other is only the doing of a spoiled little child.”

-“It was good.”

-“With my husband, we tried to drive off the need to have diner but we are used to it too much. So I went ahead and turned TV on after my son went to sleep to entertain us. There was an American movie and it was interesting. About vampires and man-wolves. I’ve never heard of man-wolves before. My husband told me “you have a weird taste you!”. It was interesting but my husband couldn’t carry on watching. He went to sleep and couldn’t sleep. Not because he was thinking about food, but because he was thinking about the movie. Yesterday evening was very interesting but scary and this morning, we laughed about it a lot! He keeps denying he was scared but I saw it in his eyes!”

-“I’m okay.”

-“I ate a huge breakfast at home. Then I ate all this Palaw. My stomach is too heavy and I didn’t go to the bathroom since yesterday. I’m not feeling that well but I’ll work and drink coffee and it may be alright.”

This is bringing my Werber urges to the light.

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