Tears for Water


The pile of plastic bottles of drinking and mineral water in my bedroom reminds me of the precious liquid. The One Diva Liquid. Nothing makes me realize its importance more than being here in Bangalore, India. Special tanks of drinking water are daily delivering water, people have filters as a normal machine to have at home, the faucet water is only used once thoroughly boiled and filtered and is aimed for chores.

And yet, other people in other places are wasting it in extravagant quantities and ways. Three years ago, I was a bit appalled by a water party students hosted for the end of the year. Now, the mere thought of showering fills me with guilt: How I long for a warm bathroom, buckets of hot and cold water and only a little bucket to pour carefully the liquid to bathe.

I hope that one day, humankind won’t end up collecting moisture, pee and sweat just to get to have water. I hope one day, water won’t replace money or gold. I hope that one day, people will stop saying silly things such as “water tastes boring”, “I hate water, I’d rather have beer”,..etc

Honestly, such sentences fill me with a despising  judgmental state of mind and I choose to forget that people may merely be joking or victims of other victims.

This is no joking matter for me and eventhough most people are victims in this world, this is no reason to drag such a pure thing as water into the vicious circle of victimization.

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