The 2012 Eid is in Bangalore

It really turns out a moumen doesn’t spend the Eid alone. Doesn’t spend it working, reading books or reminiscing over previous celebrations either.

I got the incredible and unbelievable opportunity to spend my first Eid abroad with my kind tutor’s kind family. He sent for me, brought me home, gave me sheer kurma and left me to the kind treatment of his wife. Such an inspiration and so many good conversations.

Afterwards, it was family breakfast, casual talks, laughter and incense. And Mrs. K. watching over our plates and presiding over the food without eating herself. I believe all mothers around the Orient world  have this weird and quite frustrating habit: they work themselves out to prepare all these delicious dishes and don’t share the meal with the family until the very end. She reminded me of my mom by every account. Oh God! Even the reasons she gave to justify her behaviour are the same! Blessed them all wherever they are but…gnah!

Afterwards, my tutor’s son took me around to visit some on Bangalore’s young places and a peculiar college within the city: the M.S. RAMAIAH Institue of Technology.

Nis. asked me where I wanted to go and I told him I’d like to see a university or college where Indians study. He therefore took me to one of his friends’ college.  For him I believe, it was just a college to take me to. For me, it was a long laughter that carried on in my mind until sudden frustration took place.

This peculiar college has such a beautiful architecture and design you’d think people would preserve it. Well, not only the people don’t, but they actually have this tradition of destroying the buildings after some time and building new one. According to Nis.’s friend, all the breath-taking buildings are either new ones or will be taken away. No wonder several sides of the institue were either being built or destroyed.

Rest In Peace, Sir. And thanks for the madness. It is indeed a place not a state of mind, thanks to you!

Basically, students study in a constant building project and are never sure they’ll study in the same place. This tradition, according to Nis.’s friend once again, Dr. M.S. Ramaiah the founder of the place, was told by an astrologer that as soon as construction would be completed, he’ll die. The doctor decided therefore to NEVER end the construction. He died around 2005 although the buildings were in constant construction. And even to now, the weird tradition is still carried on by his son.

Can you tell me where in the world you may have heard such Tantale principle?

Apart from that weird and really Tantale-like tradition, the place -liek Bangalore – robbed me from my words and my senses. As usual, I ended up speaking way too much trying to touch just the start of some paragraph that could give some accurate credits to describe what I see.

The rest of the day was warmly spent in a family atmosphere over tea and a Hindi movie. Mrs. K. showed me how to wear a Sari. She told me about Tamil, temples, the incredible opportunities of knowledge within architecture  and history of such places and hopeful plans to get to wander within this human heritage together. By the time I came back home, I didn’t want to take off my dress quickly: the smell of my tutor’s house deliciously lingered in the cloth, the drool of one of the family’s dogs was still there, the peaceful exhaustion of a well spent day took over me and I fell asleep wearing it shortly after some snapshots.

Honestly, how can you possibly repay such kindness? Do all travelers feel this way towards their benefactors? How can you not feel an overwhelming need to cry out of gratefulness to so many simple and free yet powerful acts of warmth?

No money, clothing, food or whatsoever for the Eid. My tutor offered me what most with money, clothing, food and whatsoever may not be able to afford abroad: the warmth of a family in a family’s celebration. And throughout the day, messages from Indian friends, calls from Moroccan and French ones, mails of welfare from family and professors and a lot of affection and consideration were bestowed upon me. I also felt the thoughts of others and sent my own intentions towards many I promised I’ll remember and pray for them. Eid Moubarak Said everyone!

More than people spending the Eid away from their families and with no one around to feel warm with, I pray and remember also the ones who have such gifts or get the unbelievable incredible opportunity to experience it and yet, yet, they just  pass by it, let it all slide away as a nice event to be remembered and told in one line randomly someday.


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