Confessions of a Serial Dieter by Kalli Purie

Once I got my library card, I started browsing for several books I’ve already read as ebooks. I found them but I’ll have to wait before getting them. Meanwhile, I thought of maybe borrowing something new. Apart from a yoga book, I chose to pick Confessions of a Serial Dieter, which is the favourite book of R. , my good Indian neighbor and agreeable acquaintance.

I’ve asked her about Indian litterature and she went on speaking about this book that made her cry and which totally describes her own pregnancy experience and dieting and so and so. When it comes to lifestyle, being fit, healthy, strong and empowering your spirit and soul by empowering your body, I’m all ears. But once it’s all about diet, being a size whatsoever and getting to wear pretty clothes, I don’t buy it. What made me borrow the book however is the way R. spoke about it: if something makes such an impression on someone, even for a limited time or for a few people, then there must be something to it.

Therefore, I borrowed it.

Kalli Purie has struggled with her weight since childhood and has finally found a weight she is happy with. Mostly. The diets featured here are structured rather like episodes in her life, full of characters, anecdotes and juicy nuggets of weight wisdom – from surya namaskars set to Bollywood beats to drastic coconut water diets, from a dark experiment with bulimia to a love affair with a self-concocted champagne diet.

In this candid tell-all, Kalli looks at weight-related complexes, myths and dilemmas straight in the eye and tells us not just what to do but how to do it. Kilo by kilo.

The story of weight lost and a life gained, Confessions of a Serial Dieter will make you believe you can do it, whether it’s losing those stubborn last three kilos or chasing your dream!

It took me less than a day to eat this weight loss memoir. Basically, the author describes all the diets she’s been through since the age of 4 while narrating some of her life, with the hard lessons she learnt from every one of her diets and the weight loss/gain she had from each one. Most importantly, and maybe this is why it’s such a success, Kalli describes the state of mind, the feelings, the unconscious consequences that being fat gives without diving into clichés. Yes she’s in love with a wonderful man and has a bunch of supportive friends and family. So no, the fat one doesn’t end up alone or sad and unhappy if ever married and left for nothing and bla bla bla. She wants however to be thin because thin tastes good and she says it without subtile sophisticated words or indirect lies and so and so.

She also describes what she’s been through by giving the details of her diets, weight, the mood swings and even the recipes. Kalli shares a lot and fears she may come back to being fat. She speaks about her pregnancies and her fat with a light mind that went through sad times and remembers them now like the insignificant drama of childhood. I liked the way she writes in. It feels “Indian”, : fair, straight-forward, no layers in the intentions, simple and light.

It spoke to my friend and gave her more motivation to pursue the successful diet plan of Kalli. She’s even more confident about putting on tight sport clothes even with her fat hugging her. I for myself, just want people to be happy with who they are, would they be genetically disposed to be thin/fat, or if their struggle hasn’t paid off and they actually embrace their bodies. The thing that I don’t like is when someone becomes so insecure about himself/herself that he/she wants to change for the sake of others, to stop the bullying, the passive agressive comments and the jokes.

Speaking of Kalli’s experiences, there are three main schools she tried in dieting:

-Farms/ Ayurvedic health centers: it’s like going on fat camp for three weeks or more. She’s been through drastic ones -four glasses of coconut water per day- and fair warm one -fruit juice, ayurvedic massages and sessions of alternative herbal and spiritual medicine. She dropped a fair weight but as she said, and as you may guess, this diet is more of a lifestyle: it needs the peace and exile from everyday’s stress, junk food all around and other people’s different food habit to actually work in such a fine way.

-Detox: would it be the 14 days of lemon/marple syrum/cayenne lemonade or the fruit juice detox, it’s basically drinking only local bio good fruity fluids to clean the body and get rid of the cellulite and the fat quickly. According to Kalli, it does wonders for a short term weight dropping, but you can’t possibly pick it as a lifestyle.

-Diets: ah the Mc Slim diet who gives you a diet full of your favorite junk food then changes it according to your new cravings, the dominatrix diet where you have to follow through with Madam Dominatrix’s food, workouts and constant munching of portions of fruits, the Mom diet where you get a toast with jam if you cycle around the block for two full tours…etc etc. Healthy and unhealthy diets, cabbage one, idli and sambar one…It’s crazy! She’s a dietaholic indeed!

Exercice and mainting a lifestyle full of motion is one main key she spoke a lot about it. But I was glad and not so surprised when she reached the yoga part and spoke how the surya namaskar gave her the toned and the ultimate kickstart to reach her weight goal. Yoga has always been my favorite motion routine -I’m avoiding the term sport since it’s far more than a sport and requires more- and I was glad that Kalli wrote about her experience with both “rough” sports and yoga to give a more consistent and insight which can easily be understood by others.

I didn’t hate the book and I find it delightfully cunning. It definitely made me love even more madly Yoga and motivated me to increase my own count of Surya Namaskars and be more commited to my routines.

The website of the author is available for more info and tips if you’re interested in finding out more.


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