Nawab, Food and Family

Lately, my bowels have been bothering me. Not only do they not feel the same way, but since I’ve got medical history with them, I was quite anxious about it. The carefree M. told me some words that I chose to take as a wise advice for some five coming days:

“We’re all feeling funny. We all feel something isn’t going on right. And if you were in your country and start feeling funny, then it’s legitimate. But we’re in Bangalore and we’re adjusting and there are several things that we’re adjusting to in the same time. Don’t worry too much and see how it goes if you don’t worry too much. Don’t think of it, don’t focus on it and see how it goes. If it persists then you can check up if you’re that concerned.”

Basically, I had a mild fever with shivering last week and since then, I had a funny diarrhea that turned into a weird uncomfortable bowel schedule and operation. I’m feeling better now but still, something is a liiiiiiittle bit funny.

So, when one of our bosses invited all the interns to dine with his family, I was extremely thankful to have an exciting event to change routine with and get a fresh perspective and energy. Because honestly, the energy roaming around the people around me is really a kind of a grey passive one and it doesn’t help at all if you’re sick or worried.

Diner was as I hoped for it to be: more than excellent food and warm hosting, it was a bewitching inspiration in several aspects: the decorations and the music of the hotel’s restaurant that speaks of great decadent beauty and valuable historical heritage, the boss speaking about India and work, his wife and daughter sharing with me lovely small talks and warm smiles, and the food! the food! Oh my God! Since Mounia’s cooking and Leïchoune’s tagine, no food has inspired me to the point of bringing watery joy to my eyes and fireworks in my spirit than the one I’ve taken today! Would it be the grilled vegetables or the FAN-TAS-TIC dessert combo where you mix within your mouth both cold vanilla ice cream and hot gulab jamun!I loved Indian food since the very first meal I’ve tried and by far, it hasn’t been the source of any discomfort. The colors and the smells of it make me drool even while eating. But this one was th summum of inspiration and mindful awakening!

I tried to find my words to honour such food, such hosts but I think I just blabbered foolish introductions! I can’t wait to let my mind lead a pen and put my feelings in words humans could understand without freaking out and thinking I’m some sort of intense hippie!

I’m extremely grateful and will do my best to honor such consideration.

On the way back to the accomodation, both the boss and his wife gave me valuable recommendations of Indian litterature. To top it off, I litterally fell apart when he stated his opinion on Hindu mythology:

-“Those tales are made to teach children the ways of life, to give them the basics of morals, ethics and how to be kind to one another. They’re compulsory in each one’s mind.”

Where have you been ;_;?

For this one reason, I decided to give Tahir Shah’s book a shot. And solely because he believes in this idea that I keep on reading his book over and over again. Nowadays, not only people don’t tell tales anymore, but they find it “childish”, “not knowledgeable” and “useless” to read tales or novels. They want “autobiographies”, “serious books” and so, so….To think that these people do that “to understand the world” and yet discard the roots of the world?

And what’s more, looking around me, I realize that people dive in a tale, a movie, a game, a conversation with a suit! They come out from the waters with nothing on them! NOTHING! And then, they move on!

It’s been quite an interesting discovery, I got to see several things that may not be pretty but that at least showed off their true colors and I’m grateful for it!

Still, I wish people would still read tales and moreover, dive into them with no suit or absent mind.


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