Stop giving me crap for not watching and thank you 8B!

I wonder if it is just me or this edition of Olympics is getting way more coverage than the early ones. Maybe it’s just another proof of how social media has drastically evolved and become a present part of more and more people’s lives!

Four years ago, I didn’t have to explain why I don’t watch sport on television and specially Olympics. I wasn’t getting harassed on Twitter or Blogspot or MSN or Youtube to watch it. No one was expecting me to encourage my country or some athlete and even less to know about the current Olympics scandals, the beholder of the torch, the famous names playing within the edition, my opinion on the beauty of the applicants and their clothing…etc etc

I think social media IS amplifying events that speak to some groups of passionate people who have time to share and hashtag about their passions and make it mainstream. Cool for you guys! Just be considerate enough to not get offended by my being completely indifferent and not into the whole Olympics thing. In fact, apart from NBA Basketball during my childhood, I don’t recall myself ever liking or finding it worth time spending to watch someone play some sport. And the last world cup? Well, I wasn’t aware it was one until some friend of ine told me about the final game in the train on a Sunday. Maybe it was two years ago?

So, when it comes to the London Olympics, I’ll let Ryan Higa speak for me!


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