Vidhana Soudha Behind The Bars

I was so focused on visiting the Vidhana Soudha that I completely forgot it was Sunday. As a consequence, my first destination wasn’t open to visits. Weirdly enough, neither did it stop me from visiting it nor did it stop a lot of Indians as well: they were taking pictures in front of the caged building and looking at it like there would be something that will soon come out of it.

I think this pose sums up the state of mind of any person who forgot the government is here for the people and not the opposite.

The Vidhana Soudha is the legislative quarter of Karnataka state and the biggest administrative construction in India. Its architecture is the main reason why people visit it along with the Vikasa Soudha built in 2005 nearby which is used as a hosting place to ministries. it’s also a little wonder of architecture as well. Still, I wanted to go there to see with my own eyes the famous scripture written on its entrance: “Government Work is God’s Work”.

I wonder what Indian people think about that, what in such an era international communities think about that. For now, the only thing I can see is the literal meaning of the sentence, I’m still not able to see beyond. I shall ask about it. Still, if it weren’t for the bars, I’d fully appreciate the splendid construction with its domes and glorious four headed lion statue, especially the four headed lion statue.

I was told I can get into the building but I needed a prior notice before. It turned out that due to some safety issues, the Vidhana Soudha isn’t open during working days as well for visitors and one has to apply before getting a rendez-vous to come there.

My album, even if pictures are all behind the bars.

For more info about Vidhana Soudha, I think these articles are quite accurate:

About Bangalore’s Article

The One in the official website of the Vidhana Soudha


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