Vara Mahalakshmi Day

How can I not feel at home in Bangalore when Hanuman is a constant good omen and one of his good worshippers, Jajay, is a mother for me here?

Today is the Vara Mahalakshmi festival in Bangalore. Hindus didn’t get any holiday but some, such as Jajay, got to leave earlier than the usual to prepare the poojas for the Goddess, sweets and visits. It’s a pity I didn’t insist on going with her yet she generously offered it. Everytime she invites me at her home, I’m so surprised by this act of generosity that I stutter while finding the words to reply and this kind of coolsdown the invitation, perhaps! But next time, for the next festival, I’m so not letting my emotions choke me again >_<! JCVD OATH!

At the canteen as usual, I’m not eating. It’s Friday and it’s a festival day so sweets are made and the food is exceptionally good according to homies. Jajay asked for the cooks to wrap some sweets for me to eat after breaking the fast. That was too kind and my emotions choked me again x_x.

In the company, girls are wearing saris or new kameez&salwar -it’s such a pity they don’t want to be taken in pictures for they’re truly wonderful with all the colors-. Their hairs are decorated with flowers and they’re eager to come back home, pray for Mahalakshmi and see their families and friends. Me on the other hand, I’m coming back to the housing complex with no Jajay to share a nice conversation about India and Morocco along the drive.

But I’m looking forward to taste these sweets.


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