The other intern has finally come. As I was expecting, he was a fresh breath of air bringing a promise of new adventures from a new perspective. So here I was, sitting on the floor and wondering whether I should just wander aimlessly around the Nibelheilm Mansion to really really memorize the architecture, or just go in the basement and try to hug Sephiroth for the Xth time, when M. popped up with the intention of going to a national forest nearby.

I dropped my controller feeling the relief of not having to tell my people that I actually spent my Sunday morning playing Final Fantasy VII.

Isn’t it such a simple beautiful idea? Such a majestic gorgeous tree surrounded with beloved ones’ pictures as a totem to stay by and have some thoughts, pleasant thoughts about the entity watching over you? No need for a temple with costly offerings. A tree, a thought and an intention

While trying to look for the right road, we stumbled upon a peculiar majestic tree with several portraits and statues around. I’ve seen there a god I don’t recall from my readings: Narasimha, the man with the Lion Head.

Once we’ve reached the Avalahalli forest, there was no one but us and two boys that joined us as guides: Pawan and Varun will be farmers, are studying in college and are always surprised and smiling when I ask them about themselves. It was such an incredible adventure to share with them along with their explanations and the promise of seeing peacocks in the trees – I didn’t see those birds climbing anything in my Grannie’s farm- and ponds and little temples.

No wandering soul was there but us. The humming of the birds and the discreet sound of snakes and wind were all we could hear. That and our voices while speaking and taking pictures all around. According to Varun and Pawn, there are usually people here but in these days, they’re scared of the moonsoon strong and sudden rainfalls.

There was what we thought to be termite homes but what Varun and Pawan described as snakes’ holes

We didn’t get to see any peacocks but, thanks to our guides’ vigilent eyes, we came by two chameleons who were minding their business and walking all slowly and peacefully on the road when suddenly…

Do you seriously think you can be this gorgeous and beautiful and amazing of a being and just walk around without expecting ME to grab you for at least ten minutes? Come on darling! You know better 8B!

Avalahalli is a forest coming out from celtic tales with the special tika of Hindu belives present in several spots: full of little shrines and little voices, hardly any belongings to human civilization present there, no human being around but us and the green, the green, the green. It’s full of eucalyptus trees, there are plenty of ponds. The rocks are big and scattered all arround. The ground’s texture changes from place to place. The little sounds and prints on the sand just give a hint of the hidden wildlife.

If I haven’t promised to be very careful, I would have probably gone there every once and while and taken a lonely refilling walk. The air you breath goes throughout the whole life of yours and comes out unharmed and light. Although I was trying – for once- to be a good reporter and to take pictures, I often found myself drifting to the pleasant state of just watching around and appreciating the blessing that is to breathe this air, to have this company, to walk in these paths on different grounds and to witness such an ever-folding green beauty. In fact, now that I remember it all, I feel the need to fall on my knees and pray for all this green, and grab all this green. I want all this green to be forever blessed and there and I want the people to get the opportunity to experience such blessings.

Back at the housing complex, we had an interesting Sunday, a great walk, an incredible journey and this tale and those pictures to share with you friends and unknown people!

Before going to sleep, I’ll just ask you to find a time, an intention, an effort to plant a tree.

Avalahalli Forest Album available!


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