Another “First” day of Ramadan in Bangalore

It turned out India doesn’t follow the Arabie Saoudite day of start of Ramadan. So today IS the first day of RAMADAN  in Bangalore. It’s doesn’t matter though: at least, I’m sure of myself and fasting more is always better than fasting less.

Today, I got the valuable help of some acquaintances made at work with my 3G modem connection. And it turned out to be even messier than what I thought.

You see, in Morocco, if you pay for one month of 3G, you get one month of 3G. The fact that you’re connected the whole day or hardly during the week doesn’t make any difference.

In India, it does.

I paid 750 INR to get a 3G connection for 30 days.

I did get 3186 MB which are available for 30 days. And as you may notice, the 3GB tend to decrease with time. This concept is surely weird to me and reminds me of Valkyrie Profile. I’m consuming MB with Skype, Gmail, Youtube and WordPress and so and so and I wonder if 3G will be enough for a month. The other weird thing is that I selected the “unlimited usage” option and still, it gives me a freaking countdown!

On another subject, because no one is around to lecture me about what I’m supposed to eat after breaking the fast, here I am with Indian sweet soan papti and ledha and 1/2l of tea

Indian tea, Indian sweets. Yo stomach! Watch out for the fast break 8B

Na mama! Y ou know I love my veggies too well to dismiss them in my meals !

Green peppers, fresh tomatoes, lots of onions, garlic and hard-boiled eggs.



One thought on “Another “First” day of Ramadan in Bangalore

  1. Capitalism :D, now save 7ta les MB et apprends à les compter. Happy meal duda. Your meal is just as the last one I prepared at ens….: doesn’t seem bad, doesn’t seem good: it’s weird :). Does the indian veggies taste the same as the moroccan ones?

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