First Day of Ramadan in Bangalore

The sun is sweet and high on Bangalore today. The smooth rays have nothing to do with the hot ones of Morocco in such time of the year. These past six days, moonsoon was strong during evenings and nights while the temperature was still warm. Moderate to heavy rainfalls were the sweet lullabies I slept to. And how much I appreciated them with the warm atmosphere!

Today is the first day of Ramadan in India. I was feeling a little sleepy because of the lack of the tea and milk and coffee and milk. Otherwise, I was feeling fine. For a food lover like me, hunger doesn’t strike me and for a detoxified body such as mine, fatigue isn’t an unavoidable fate at all. So I was fine. A fact Jajay, Archana and other people of the company didn’t seem to believe! My acquaintances were feeling for me and hoping I didn’t have a lot of pressure at work since I’m fasting. Even the CHAI-MAN brought me tea with milk although I told him I won’t be taking any for the coming 30 days. He urged me to drink it anyway saying it’s good and doesn’t count!


By this Sunday, it’d be two weeks that I’ve been in Bangalore. Apart from work and the appartment, I have only been to the neighborhood and went out for the orientation cab journey and Indiragare for the residential permit. Here, it seems that people don’t go out in the evening, unless in a group to a specific errand and with a car. For someone used to hanging out aimlessly with friends or alone at random hours, it was a surprising lifestyle fact to discover. Plus, people advise me to avoid going out after 20h30, especially if I’m alone.

So, I may not be digging into Bangalore’s wealth of places but I’m definitely diving in the sea of its people an everyday’s sceneries: the lives, ways, wisdom, believes, stories and experience of this social ocean. This is something a picture may not tell. It may give an idea but doesn’t tell about it. And honestly, this is what I want to get to live and to share with you.


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