With Mr. Eshwara throughout the Day

Thats was my first coconut water drink. It has a sour unique flavour. I’m not a fan, but I didn’t hate it either. In fact, I could even get used to drinking it since it helps with dehydration and promotes heart and kidney health. Plus, according to Eshwara, if you’re having a stomachache, drinking coconut water is an effective way to get rid of the pain. So, For 20 INR, it’s very affordable as a healthy outdoor snack: you can be sure you’re not coming back with a stomachache at home.

Right now, I’m getting my residential permit at the registration office. Once again, the coordinators are making it all easy and helping me out with the chaos of papers and procedures. Mr. Rajeshkee, one smiling helpful and patient employee of the company and Mr. Eshwara, a cheerful driver of the cab appointed by the company, were my rock during Friday and this Monday. We went to the registration office, got all the required papers ready and all I had to do on Monday was to wait for my turn and follow the procedures.

The checklist of the papers you’ll need to have will be available at the registration office. There’s an application form to fill online first things first. But don’t worry: if you didn’t do it and like me, went there and only then knew about it, there’s a little office in the right – the security guard will show it to you without even waiting for your question- . People there will fill the application for you if you provide them with the information needed and print it out.

Once I’ve gathered all my papers, I took my token and followed the series of desks where my file needed to be checked and signed. Around 10h00, I was asked to come back at midday. At 12h00 p.m., I got my residential permit! I’m no longer an illegal immigrant in India!

Soan Papdi! I tried it the first time at the company’s canteen and loved it. Afterwards, I looked for it in the snack places and coffee shops where we went but didn’t find it. Then thanks to Eshwara, I found it on sell in the supermarket. I wonder if it’ll taste as good as the company’s however!

I wanted to try a new food and Eshwara advised me to taste Kalakand. It was so good I wanted to eat another one. But then Eshwara was mumbling about health, these sweets being not good for the body and that one sometimes is more than enough. He went on saying it’s made of several mixed items and that they might not be natural items, whereas fruits and side dishes are better and healthier.

After that, Eshwara kindly showed me a shop where I could buy some Indian sweets. All the way, he was walking in front of me, asking me at every stair or pond to watch out. He would check every once and a while if I’m following him. He bargained and took care of the transactions for me and finally escorted me in a supermarket where I was able to get my weekly groceries. Eventhough my Kannada is very poor and his English is confusing, we managed to understand each other, specially when it comes to food. Food is just THE international language.

Madam, don’t buy this coffee! Exported so very expensive! Buy local, it’s better and cheap! Cheap and healthy indian alternatives!You’ll come to know the local brands! Don’t stick to brands you know!

Madam! Buy boxe of bottles, bottles of water alone may not be good! Always buy a big box! Cheaper and safer.

Eggs! good healthy snacks, madam! easy to boil, easy to eat and a lot of energy!

Hide and seek good with tea! Indians like Hide and Seek!

Back at home with my groceries, my residential permit and a stomach full of idli and tea with milk – Eshwara tried to make me try something else but I think I’m an Idli nuts -, I felt very exhausted and thankful. Eshwara was so good to me and generous! Plus, he really didn’t have at all to walk so much extra miles with me. Still, he did it, for no reason and seemed so pleased by that. And he shared with me the pictures of his family members, showed me some of his deities and told me about his son spontaneously and warmly. It reminded me of the people of Morocco, when they get to help a person who is far from home.

I think there’s a common shared sense of compassion and selflessness between Indians and Moroccans: in the respective cultures, a guest is extremely honoured. Special tea sets and furnitures are kept for him. The people of the house feel the pain and loneliness that he might feel because of his being far away and so, do their best to make him feel more comfortable with them than he would have been if he was at home. So much kindness hasn’t withered away, even with capitalism, the world’s issues and people’s growing egocentrical worries.

For my mom still tries to fill the table as if she has a tribe coming over when it’s just one or two guests from my friends coming. And Jajay and Meera are inquiring about me as soon as I don’t show up in the company bus. And Eshwara took it upon himself to find the post office and to stick the stamps on my letters for me.

I think so much kindness just doesn’t wither away. It just doesn’t. And it reverbates and spreads around leaves a mark on people. It leaves it on me.


2 thoughts on “With Mr. Eshwara throughout the Day

  1. Coconut reminds me of Ishmael :). Hey duda, u’re just a fan of FOOD. I hope you’ll try all the kind of fruits there, just taste them for me tita, FRUIT are the gate to paradize. I see you’re having good times eating eating eating. Toxins are just nowhere -in your head-. It’s good to see all the photos, colours on your blog. but really need to see u on there duda make a photo of ur spirit and put it here.

    • When I’ll have a friend to take picture of me, you’ll perhaps get to see me there as well ^^

      Otherwise, start showing up you yourself on skype or gmail >_<

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