Dear Hanuman

I knew we’ll get to meet again, Sir Hanuman!

Several years ago at the French library in my hometown, I came across a big book of Hindu mythology. Of the incredible and numerous Gods of the religion, I remember some very well and Hanuman is one of them. I specially remember him in the Rhamayana poem in which it was told he built the bridge between India and Lanka to help Lord Rama reach the Sri Lanka monster who held his wife Sita captive.

I recognized him the first time right away. I read the book several times after the first encounter nad enjoyed the tales where Lord Hanuman showed up. He was faithful, loyal and wise. And his actions always left me some impression of an old acquaintance, like a childhood friend. Christopher was surprised I knew about him but I was more surprised than him when JJ, an acquaintance made at work, told me the bridge of the Rhamayana truly exists and is called the Setubandhanam.

Wikipedia Credits

Whereas the bridge was naturally built or it’s actually made by some humans or deity, this I don’t know and don’t care. Would it be true or false doesn’t matter to me. Hanuman is great and so is this wonder and what I felt when I saw his familiar face and remembered all the Hindu tales I treasured within my memory is what matters to me.

Somehow, seeing him around makes Bangalore more familiar, less unknown. It’s like the odd and exciting neighborhood of a childhood friend.


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