The Wires In The Green

I really wanted to take a bunch of pictures of the industrial area where the host company is located. You won’t believe all the green and the flowers around! They actually even hide the buildings and no smell of pollution is in the air at all! Only that of flowers and oils and food! Bangalore is truly the Garden City!

All I managed to take was this shot.

I honestly wonder how photographs do it: how do they prevent themselves from sinking within the overwhelming atmosphere of what they’re about to freeze in eternity?

I took some lazy shots and when the bus started moving, when the green was invading my eyes and Nobuo my ears, I wasn’t even aware that I put down the camera: I talked to some nice acquaintances I made at work and as they were drawn to their earphones, I was drawn to the green and the wires and the flowers and Nobuo Uematsu.

Among my dreams, I have dreamt of this place: all this technology wedding the green in the constant celebration of flowers. I can easily find the dream I’ve written some years ago. No wonder that I feel Bangalore is sipping me slowly away.

I wonder where this is taking me but I’m confident, and as long as it’s place where a factory is so filled of trees you have to make your way to the next workshop through a forest, then I’m eager to start the walk.


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