My stomach wasn’t in the mood for breakfast but I can’t say “No” to the canteen supervisor. This thin man comes and with gestures asks me to come down and eat.

-“Canteen! Canteen! Food”

I followed him and I was thankful to come: I had Idli today.

Idli, a beloved healthy snack in Southern India

At first, it tasted bizzare then I found it good with the sauces. It’s so good.

Tea with milk to finish with it. I browsed up for the recipe and it’s easy but you have to have the “Urad Daal” – I wonder what it is- in order to prepare it. I just looked a little deeper and I think it’s some crushed black lentils.

Idli was served with two sauces: the white one is cool and called coconut Chutney. The other is Sambar and is served warm. All and all, I hope they’ll serve it tomorrow as well,  eventhough I was told the menu changes from day to day, which is fine as well since I’ll come across other wonders.

And of course, tea with milk during worktime 😀


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