Because when it comes to relaxing, I tend to not forget about it, I went with my homie Asmaa for a little shopping time which started with a suit – Barney style and effing awesome- and ended up in one of the two old bookstores I go to in Casablanca.

What a good omen I found, what a comfort I felt and what a refreshed eagerness to fight I had blooming within me when I found the autobiography of Paramahansa Yogananda right in front of my while paying for some The Darkness comics.

You don’t feel good? You’re tired and pissed? You feel you’re stuck within your head? Grab a friend. Go out to a rural place. Eat with your friend. Speak up your emotions and share your burden as she/he shares as well. Buy stupid stuff. Buy food. Stop at a coffee shop when you just had tea 15 minutes before. Go to places you’ve never been with your friend. Buy something nice for you. Buy 2pounds or one of a fruit you like and start eating on the street. Come back with your friend exhausted. Take a shower. Relax. Sing. Go to sleep. Sleep.

And tomorrow will be another day, another breath and you’ll be able to do it all good and efficiently.

Why is it so hard and so not obvious to do for some of us?

I guess this is why humans are human after all: they tend to forget eventhough memories are part of them. They constantly need reminders even for important things. But I believe we can choose to not be like that, and I now come to realize that maybe “normal people” -this fuzzy concept I’ve been told my whole life without knowing what it means- are those people who choose to stay like that. Passive, victims, forgetful, stuck, and not willing to spend money of food.

God! I love food. I think I’ll ask Illuper to cook a ratatouille.


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