Chrono Trigger: Shots I

I’m back to Casablanca. I’m supposed to be working on the theoretical part of our project – isn’t it funny? We have to prepare the theoretical part after being done conceiving the machine! – . Everyone is asking me when I’m intending to buy a suit for the presentation and some tell me fearfully they may not make it on Saturday for the presentation.

It’s a peculiar atmosphere around: everyone is expecting me to be or to react in some sort of way about the presentation day, the suit to wear, the report to fill, the preparations that lie before us for the excitment to come.

Whereas the only thing I’m thinking about is Chrono Trigger. That and the fact that my controller is kind of broke, which makes me wonder if it’s just some emulator problem or if even beloved FF VII PC Edition won’t be playable…brrr

So, Chrono Trigger, for the Xth time and here we go again!

Guardia… Here we go again

One of my favorite places in Guardia! Isn’t it such a warm inspiring welcoming home?

Keeping away from Marle for the present time. Once she hits you, she hits you.

Smart friend is Smart! High five me, Lucca!

Oh boy!

One of my favorite places as well! How Nobuo can you be to make Burn!Bobonga!

Killer moves! Come on guys * actually throws the controller and goes with the flow*

Ha Ha! That’s a good one


Reminds me everytime of Ginny’s poem for Harry

It’s actually good!

I told you this girl is problems, and here we are in a melancholic prison after a rather funny trial where you get to be a bad dude because you didn’t help a little girl who lost her kitty!

And in moments, you’re in a futuristic desolate land, not knowing how you came to pass the sewers or to forget it’s already 23h20 et that you have to go to bed!


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