Les Choristes

I recalled Les Choristes while being with Leïchoune and Ti-Mi-Nou at the week-end in Tangier. We both expressed our wish to watch it again, and just few seconds ago, I did.

I remember watching this movie  when I used to watch TV. Even as a little teen, I was aware of the depth behind this story and the profound touching grace of the singing.

Now, I enjoy even more this French production. It’s a little jewel that ought to be known and shared. All the choral’s performance were stunning, would it be “Vois sur ton chemin” or “Caresses sur l’océan“. Even the cunning little “Cerf-Volant

Apart from the music, the story is quiet, little and overwhelmingly touching. The main character, the broken yet persistent pion and music teacher Mr. Clément Mathieu, is an inspiring mentor. And he reminds me of all the inspiring teachers and professors I had the pleasure and chance to encounter during my scholar life.

Fortunately enough, I happen to have a Pierre Morhange in the person of A., my good new friend and Tijay’s wife. Her passion for the chorale and her training are paying off: I long to hear her sing. I don’t get tired from her notes and words. And I believe Tijay to be lucky in the perspective that he gets to wake up on her singing every morning if he wants to.

She’s inspiring me in several ways and I would love to live in a house that has such voice roaming with the air across the rooms.


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