One day in Casablanca

What an incredible day !

I took the train with my homies yesterday for Casablanca and spent the night with Leïchoune. Today, I’m back at my engineering school and I’m overwhelmed with joy to see many friendly faces !

Filming went incredibly smooth and fine with Chris and Marius. When I try to remember what I’ve told them, I don’t want to go on. These guys have such a way to put you at ease! You can easily confide in their camera. And I’m afraid I let my passion for mechanics overtake me and I spoke out so many thoughts that I feel so silly now :p ! But I regret nothing and if I were to do the filming and the interview again, I would have done it the same way, probably.

Once I took leave for the team of Green Horizon, I had the rest of the day for my friends. I spent most of it with Rac Pan, one of the closest friends I’ve had the pleasure and honour to earn at the engineering school. We ate at Lissasfa, the rural place near our school, we spoke about internships and tutors and then we got to the best part : the one where we start talking about EVERYTHING and NOTHING related to Linkin Park, singing their songs, reciting Mario Savio and Luther King Jr. scraps of speech, recalling their lyrics and concerts, discovering new knowledge through them and making promises to see them live together at some famous festival or some regular concert.

On Doomsday Clock, it’s Five Minutes to Midnight. Yet our One Thousand Suns is an uncountable series of laughs and meditation over Linkin Park’s concerts that Rac Pan has dutifully kept in his laptop, while taking silly pictures with his laptop.


Azma prepared the bed and the shower for me, Mare-Mare  lent me clothes for the day. Smile listened to my blabbering about the future and several friendly faces agreed to be on the scene of the closing up of the interview with me.

And by Midnight, I parted with the friends and the school to head at Leïchoune’s for a little cosy night before the departure. What to ask more for in such a blessed hour?


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