Son of a Man

I’m not progressing as quickly as I wish on my report. My bestie is stuck with the same problem but she doesn’t even know what to write on it, which is even worse. Some German acquaintances will be in Casablanca for a shooting and they’d like me to be there during the course of next week, whereas the boss of the company where we’re doing our internship will literally choke someone if he knew we would be to part even for one day!

I feel a bit overwhelmed specially that my presentation rehearsal is coming closer and I don’t even know the proper date.

But, as I take a delicious breakfast in the little mahlaba near the apartment, as I enjoy my beldi egg, my whole bread and my minted tea, I realize I’m not worried. I’m just convined that it’ll all boil down to go on just well and smooth. And having such conviction already implanted and working on me along with the intention of working hard despite the 8h-18h work, the devious sleep and the irregular eating habits make me feel extremely proud of myself and joyful.


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