Road to Kabul

Partner said it was excellent! I needed to laugh and it’s been a while since I’ve watched a Moroccan movie. Today, after missing the 19h15 p.m. session at Roxy movie theater, I was still not giving up on watching ROAD TO KABUL and went for the 22h00 p.m session. Luckily enough, no cat-talk, no sexual harassement, no noise during the movie and a cab just few walks away from the exit :)!Purrrrrrfect


Four guys among Moroccan youth who spend their lives between unemployment, weed smoking and small businesses to get by, decide to go for illegal immigration to Netherlands, where they were promised by Ouchan, many girls, cash and good weed. When finally one of them, Hmida, the local witch’s son, gets to go on the tricky journey that involves travelling through many arabic countries then Russia to finally come to the Dreamland, the friends wait for his news for months. Finally, they see him on the news in Kabul asking for help and decide to go on a journey to rescue him along with the company of the tricky Ouchan and the mother of Hmida. This journey will lead them from unfortunate events to unfortunate status.

Written and directed by :  Brahim Chkiri

That movie was freaking hilarious people! I was laughing my brains out and sneezing everytime * I always spread my nose jam when I laugh suddenly, classy to see people 8B*. And when the atmosphere suddenly goes from light and funny to dramatic and dangerous, the surprise I’m left with doesn’t even give me time to catch on my feelings, until once again, the characters are facing a new freaky situation. It was definitely worth the time and effort and I’m not regreting the dizziness I may feel tomorrow at work NYAH!

Speaking about Road To Kabul, I think that for a Moroccan movie with the available means, it was beyond awesome! The scenario may not be rationally accurate but who cares when the dudes manage to make you laugh your heart off? The dialogue was a smooth Moroccan one, not like the movies where the actors speak that weird Dareejized Arabic that gives me the eeks. The action scenes were the new thing for me since I’ve never watched Moroccan action scenes before. They were peculiar and I liked it. It gave the movie a spontaneous artsy touch as well! The actors were goooood also, special mention to the hacker friend who, in my opinion, knew how to balance the geekie-friendly-quiet-yet-reactive personality and the business guy who reminded me of several circumstances with many many friends :p, myself included XD!

The movie’s storyline is full with Morocco’s social issues: illegal immigration, weed, unemployment, dealers-to-be in order to go by, corruption… Yet, it’s neither taking itself seriously nor giving in the preaching and the sophist way of describing things around. And for once, no cussing or blaming the people of Morocco or spreading pessimistic thoughts about the present and the future. You just enjoy your time for two hours while relating to these people’s lives and getting to watch Morocco through Moroccan eyes.

I just have to stop writing and recall some scenes to start choking in my own laughters XD!

The moves of the quator while trying to stop a car in their afghan women clothes are just EPIC!

The way they just forget everything once weed is in their sight and start smoking it is PRICELESS!


And the fair share of mockery on American soldiers, the American big boss, the Afghan are funny as YEAH:3!

Writing about these moments makes me want to go back to the Roxy like NOW * I can still catch the 22h00 p.m. session, once again XD*. I can say it loud and clear now: “Road to Kabul” is my favorite Moroccan movie by far :3!

The main reason is that it’s displaying the results of a state of mind I encourage yet often find people lacking of it: you do the best you can with what you have for now and you never let conditions rule over the fact of whether you’ll work or not, and the quality that you’ll deliver.

And finally, as Partner said: In Kabul, don’t ask for Benkaddour.


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