You’re Beautiful, and you’re beautiful, and you’re beautiful!

And you truly are. Ô magnificence in the cages! Displayed to people behind a panel! Yet, like Ti-Mi-Nou wisely pointed out, getting the feeling that people are displayed to you as well!

Credits to RabatZoo Official Facebook

Credits to RabatZoo Official Facebook

This Saturday is so freaking EPIC! I wanted to replenish myself with my close friend and I got burned in the face and caught in joyful laughters. I also had the sweetest nap ever -knowing the fact that I DON’T KNOW HOW TO NAP and NEVER KNEW HOW TO DO IT ;_; – and shared meals, breakfast for the win, with the lovely compagny :3!

I went to Rabat Zoo Wouhou!

The first thing we saw after we went into the zoo’s doors were the macaque family that was wandering on the roofs of the administration and the toilets. The zoo people were there of course to handle the situation and we were told not to come too close. Seeing the female going in the women’s toilets, the male relaxed on the roof and the little ones trying to look for an opening to come back was worth the little risks

Then afterwards, it was a long walk during the whole day through the Desert territory, the Atlas Mountains, the Savanna one, the tropical zone and the humid regions. The zoo is still in the process of being built so, you don’t get to see many species such us crocodiles, chimpanzes, big snakes… Still, it’s visitor-friendly -benches, food stores and picnic areas always around- and it’s a hopeful project that I choose to have faith in. One of these days, we may get to see there anacondas, grizzlies, pandas, bengale tigers and penguins!

I would never say the zoo animals have enough space or are well-treated, would it be in Rabat zoo or the San Diego zoo. It’s life within a cage and no matter how you make the animals or people forget about it, it’s still there. In the mean time, I can’t possibly say that Rabat Zoo animals aren’t being well taken care of: they seem to do well and lions are breeding along with the birds. So, the fairest impression I can give is that some species are well enough to actually think about sex and little ones 8B. besides, the only alternative that I can think of for a zoo is a conservation center, wild and big with safaris tours. It’ll cost much more and it’ll be a little bit more complicated to get in but it’ll be worth it if everybody stays out of a cage or doesn’t have to see life through it.

The other impression I got was that some animals could escape if they wanted to. Addax, gazelles, hyenas and elephants or even lions for instance. They just have to make up their minds and jump. I’m sure they’ll reach the alleys :3

It was an exciting day, jumping from a cage to another, running towards an animal as soon as it starts moving from its slumber. I had a big smile near the royal python when Ti Mi Nou, Licha and I were trying to make it move the same way Vernon Dursley was trying to make the boa constrictor react under his spoiled son’s request. Then, Licha used some of her magic: the python’s head was lying against the glass and she kissed it. It then started moving and looking around. Ah! Seems that well-intended kisses work always :p! But then again, Le Leïchoune is the gravitation center of our love -all rights reserved on the expression by A.M.- so that wouldn’t surprise me ^_^

The fennec on the other side was a sad sight for us. It was curled up in a corner and didn’t move a bit. A guardian said he was specially active in the evening. Yet, I couldn’t help thinking that the cage was small and that it was too alone there all by itself. if only they could bring a mate :/

This shows how great I am with an iPhone camera u__u

This shows how great I am with an iPhone camera u__u

At the lion cage, we were too eager to see the little ones that came to the world during the start of December and then the start of Spring. But we didn’t get a glimpse of any little cub. Some teen ones were hanging out in the shadows near the glass and Lion Dad was out in the sun all cool and awesome. I often hear from people that in the Moroccan Atlas mountains, there used to be lions. This is why the national Moroccan team is called “the Atlas lions” and also why the lions in the zoo are located in that zone.Unfortunately, according to this documentary (Moroccan dialect), they disappeared from the wild life around 1920-1934.

I wonder why the December cubs, at least, weren’t on display that day. Ti-Mi-Nou was asserting that the teens were them but I’m not sure that a lion cub can grow up this faster in just six months. I’ll look at it.

For more info about the Atlas lions, refer to

Oh! And that lonely buzzard that wouldn’t move even during feeding time and would stay that close to the cage, backing up just when someone is waving something too close. It sure made me think about what it’s expecting from that corner exactly! There’s a guard in the area that seems to only watch after that little peculiar fellow and the vulture with the egg.

Now that I mention it, that lovely scavenger with the egg! I’m in fractals with scavengers in general. I find them extremly beautiful and inspiring and my affection towards these creatures is such that I wouldn’t mind being eaten as a corpse by them :). Well, not only did I manage to see them walking around and catch some feathers but we were also able to see a female nesting an egg and it was an incredible feeling to be able to witness such a scene live. Whenever I think about it, I feel gratefulness roaming violently within me.

And how can I speak of the zoo without speaking about the little farm that is in the corner of  it? Full of several kinds of birds and lovely goats and little poneys and many many chicken that come in all shapes and colors and feathers! It was a place where I couldn’t stop myself from telling every bird and every chicken that “YOU’RE gorgeous! And oh mind me! You too! And you’re beautiful and so exotic! And you’re so cool and awesomely beautiful and so gorgeous! and oh! you’re such an ecstasy to the eye”….And so and so I went on, my emotions being played with by feathers and walks and eyes and attitude and colors and it ached my heart and it was too much and I was starting to ask myself why aren’t these entities in the caltwalks and po** ?  >.<

How can so much beauty exist in such small space? How can I be expected to see all this through one day? I should spend a week in every cage and chouf-tchouf! At a certain point, I felt depressed at this thought and I tried to hold myself back a little…But we were at the goats’ place and they all were so adorable and craving for food and attention! And the little ones were approchaing fearlessly and letting themselves be pet and even held. We gave them Malteseres -we shouldn’t I know ;__; but damn it!- They all held their heads high in the same time when seeing my hand in my pockets and they were so ready to eat ANYTHING! And I mean ANYTHING! Some maltitas, like one per little goat, wouldn’t hopefully do harm :s!

By the time it was 16h00 and that we’ve taken a nap under a tree in front of the gazelle’s spot, we were tired, happy and for some of us hungry (Good lord Ti-Mi-Nou XD). We departed with my face burned. And I think it’ll peel off.

So in the end, I can say that this zoo day messed with me quite a bit but that was the point. I wanted some quality time with my bestie while taking my mind off and there’s nothing better than the company of animals and food with friends to do that.

I’m surely coming back next time to the zoo and this time:

-I’m so going to learn using a camera or a phone properly.

-I’ll start with the goats.

-I’ll try the poking finger even with the chicken.

-Maybe I’ll bring some food or maybe not 8B!

-I’ll wear a wide hat or the freaking suscreen (I’m already feeling whiny over putting that thing over my face >_<)

-And I’ll stay longer in front of some cages.

-I’ll also plan a proper circuit according to feeding time and activity peek >.<

But most importantly, I will not forget to go there with friends: You guys made the zoo day even more fantastic than what it already sounded in my mind. And you were so taken as well and patient. I know the Thankee word doesn’t stand between us and so I’ll just go on and say this once for all: “I know that I’ll never be alone if I want to go to the zoo.”

The rest of the pictures on the Picasa Album


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